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Peoria 2.0

We tested 10 videos with five different messengers using varying tones and messages to five of our Peoria values clusters: Civic Faithful, Family and Future, Struggling Skeptics, Disheartened but Determined, and Nostalgic Traditionalists. With these videos, we monitored engagement and persuasion across Facebook, Swayable, and YouTube.
While the results vary by cluster, one of our major takeaways include the unique potential of messengers such as Kavon, who resonated with younger Peoria clusters. Another takeaway is the importance of creating content that is both engaging and persuasive, which was shown by Cheryl's emotional personal story performing well with all clusters across all three platforms.

Peoria 1.0: Round One

We conducted two rounds of video content production, distribution, and testing. In the first round, we deliberately generated stories that varied across topic, tone, messenger, style, and source to share with each of the nine audience clusters. That decision — not to pre-select audiences or pre-target content — was highly unusual and deliberate.

Peoria 1.0: Round Two

The second round of testing was informed by what we learned in the first round, allowing us to go deeper with specific tones, messengers, topics, and styles that seemed to work best for a few particular audiences in the middle of the ideological spectrum: Libertarian Left, New Suburbans, and Nostalgic Traditionalists.


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